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Thankfully, as they grow up together their dynamic is more affectionate, if no less dangerous: whether spoiled imperial princess O-Shizuka is roughing it with the tribespeople in the steppes for a season, or showing off her lavish garden to Shefali, their paths are crossed by tigers, demons, and various intrigues. But what truly bonds these two young warriors is the same thing that wove an unlikely friendship between their mothers: waging war on demons.

Traveling the land together on horseback, following the signs of the growing darkness in the Hokkaran Empire, they carve out a reputation through sword and bow, while at the same time growing closer even than any prophets could have foretold. That bond is tested, however, when the impossible happens: Shefali duels with a demon, is infected with its blood—and survives. One thing that unites angel Aziraphale and demon Crowley is an appreciation for the humans they watch over, in a manner of speaking, in their relatively cushy jobs as representatives for respectively Heaven and Hell.

Upon discovering that Armageddon will soon be upon the mortal and divine realms, they hatch a mad plan: find the Antichrist and ensure that he grows up without knowledge of either Good or Evil, so that he may never have to decide between the two. Nothing like a bit of the apocalypse to turn a friendly camaraderie into a fated partnership. This, during a conversation in which each side pitches its desired champion to unite the kingdom of Dara: charming bandit Kuni Garu, or fearless banished noble Mata Zyndu?

Are the shapeshifting gods directing the course of history, or are their prophecies and omens the divine equivalent of throwing lots and seeing where they land? Will the outcome be destiny, or complete chance? First, there was darkness—that is, Nahadoth, the god of darkness and chaos.

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While the divine siblings were eventually joined by a third—Enefa, goddess of balance and creator of life—N. At one point before time was established, all three gods existed in a mostly harmonious polyamorous triad, which led to the creation both of their world and its mortal inhabitants. Finally, Itempas established himself as Skyfather and Master of All, setting the stage for the era in which Kingdoms takes place when young warrior Yeine is named as an heir to the Arameri family.

While these gods are immortal until they are permanently killed, as was the case with their sister, their deaths would bring about the destruction of the entire universe—and so, instead, darkness and light continue to clash, at least until Yeine learns the truth of why she was summoned to take on her birthright. Nor is it only the deceptively simple test, in which one of the Brotherhood of the Fortress of the Winds drops a feather over the babies and waits for Pahrkun the Scouring Wind to direct it into the hands of the chosen infant.

Read an excerpt from Starless. So she taps into the element of spirit, a rare power that few Moroi vampires can, to bring Rose back to life. It forged your bond. Proving that fate has a sense of humor, the bond is one-sided. Alone, neither might survive. But what strengthens their friendship, as well as their bond as guardian and charge, is their willingness to draw strength from one another as needed, rather than only one of them taking on the burden. Threads can be strengthened by powerful events, such as the saving of a life, prompting those who possess these bonds to declare one another Threadfamily.

While Safi and Iseult come from vastly different backgrounds, with the former a noblewoman training for her legacy and the latter a runaway who fled the protection of her tribe, their bond as Threadsisters supersedes. This kind of shining connection is undaunted by distance, time, or meddling from outside forces like the Bloodwitch sniffing after the runaway unregistered witches.

Six years after their auspicious first meeting, Iseult would die for Safi without a second thought—and Safi would die for her. There is no denying that the Fool is a White Prophet: He bears the signature pale hair, eyes, and skin—the latter which sloughs off after regular flu-like illnesses, revealing a darker skin tone each time.

The Fool is also prone to prophetic visions, able to tap into this future projection when standing at the crossroads of key decisions. However, sometimes the White Prophet requires the aid of another—the Catalyst, possessed of the ability to fulfill those prophecies. The Fool insists that, of the many futures he sees, the ones that match his prophecy feature Fitz standing at the crossroads—but the Fool himself cannot be the one to convince Fitz of his fate. You fight like no man or demon I have ever known. Though this is not the end. My hate… never perishes.

It is born anew in a cycle with no end! I will rise again! If I remember correctly it was about a kind of fat blob and a bird I think and at one point the bird one if thats what it was my memory is really foggy had an egg and the fat one sat on it and was warming it and there was also this big tree that they sat under and at one point there was singing? I was a foster kid living in the country. The Catholic nun read the class a story about tree that was unhappy but in the end of the story it was happy because it became a Christmas tree.

The nun had to pass the book around so we could have a look at the pictures. Very few pictures, just wood block prints. The kids in that classroom were all poor and probably never had stories read to them. This was such a treat. I really looked forward to story time.

The cover of the book had a picture of a lone tree. I cannot remember title or author. Looking for books, maybe of them, about a US Southern sheriff and his son who becomes sheriff after the dad gets shot and killed. I remember a description of long stretches of blacktop.

Red String of Fate

In one of the novels the son-sheriff may have allowed himself to be imprisoned in a southern prison where black men get killed by drowning them and sinking them to the river bottom on ball and chain. All of the books are exceptional reads. Billy Joe, Billy Bob, one of the characters has a double Southern name. The cover is a grave with christmas lights on it, with title and author in pink but I don't remember it. There's a girl called Sophie and she dies.

"The Wendigo" Algernon Blackwood audiobook CLASSIC HORROR ― Chilling Tales for Dark Nights

It was said to be a suicide but her best friend knew it wasn't so she spent the book trying to find out who killed her. I am looking for a book I have read years ago. I cannot remember the title or the author. It is about women being sacrificed to draw out beings from another dimension.

When the beings are drawn out by the females then killed and the men name the being and so binding them to the males. The beings hate the males, they are not allowed to speak, and they are told what form to take. One female can escape and names the being so becoming queen of them.

I'm looking for a book of short stories. His looks caused him to be followed by the Greek Nymph Echo. She would repeat the end of the last thing he said. Like if he said hello, people would hear hello-lo. He got her to finally go away by wearing a very scary mask and screaming"I'm going to eat you right up". Looking for a novel with the following plot: a librarian is cruel to his wife, he employs an underling, his behaviour to his wife improves. She can only describe it as a triangle.

Looking for a true story about a woman that was gang raped after her brother looked at a female the wrong way. Hippo Liar and Spy by Rebecca Stead. She was rich and lived with her step mom I believe. Her mother was shot and killed and her father was murdered on a ship. She meets a guy and a twin brother of someone important.

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I remember opium being a part of this story and throughout the entire book, there was an old lady chasing after Lucy for some reason. Does anyone know of a book about a young boy who loves to watch David Letterman? I read this book in my 5th grade class which would have been around In the book he watches the show and writes to David Letterman and says that he is David Lettermans biggest fan.

Heat death of the universe - Wikipedia

In the end of the book the young boy ends up dying when he goes on a bicycle ride. He gets into muddy water and ends up dying. I'm sorry I can't think of more about the book since it was so long ago but I have been trying to locate this book for years but I can't even seem to find the title of the book or anything about it.

It was a book about a young woman who , along with her sister are all alone in the world. The older sister has to prostitute herself in order to support them both. She comes to an arrangement with an older gentleman. Later in the story, her sister has a son who gets kidnapped.

He is found dead, frozen in a swing on a playground. I think it was called "The Proposal" or "The Arrangement". I thought the name of the book was called Summer Fun, but it was a collection of stories in one book with a lot of the same characters. It was set in the summertime and the last chapter was spent on the farm with the school year beginning.

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I remember there being a drawn picture before each chapter and the color of the paperback was pink. Coming of age story of a young boy. I believe he is the narrator.