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Tufan Pal on July 6, at pm. Nice article. Thank You for sharing powerful Quotes. Taaraaaa Rajput on July 6, at pm. Tufan Pal on July 7, at pm. Motivation is around us.


We just need the vision to see it. Be your own motivation! Dickson on July 8, at am. Nitin on July 8, at pm. Hitaish sharma on July 11, at am. Shayari on July 11, at am. Luis Enrique Jimenez on July 11, at pm. If I could print them and hang them around my motivational wall would be awesome!!! Varalakshmi VG on July 12, at am.

Excellent words, wish to create myself more and more words. Mahesh on July 13, at am. JP on July 14, at pm. Jareena on July 16, at pm. Haider Jamal on July 18, at pm. Himanshi on July 20, at am. Best blog for Self help or Self improvement Content. Thanks for motivating me by these quotes.

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Abhay on July 20, at pm. Inspired, Motivated after reading this. Thanks for sharing.

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Unofficials Group on November 17, at am. Arpita on November 17, at am. These thoughts are good but try to give some long lines. Alex on November 18, at am. Smith on November 21, at pm.

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Mehatb on November 23, at pm. Mr surplus on November 24, at am. These r amazing will be great for my sign that I am making!!! Ayman Salah on November 25, at pm. He is still one of the wealthiest figures of the modern period.

60 Quotes About New Beginnings and Starting Fresh

Helen Keller is the author of this thought-provoking quote about life. I love her adventurous spirit and all or nothing attitude! In this powerful Hasidic proverb, we learn an ancient truth that still holds up in modern times. You can still change the thoughts of others by changing your thoughts about yourself.

Albert Einstein authored this encouraging and uplifting quote. In just five words, he captured the essence of his intellectual philosophy and inspired others to embrace the creative process. Professional baseball player and coach, Don Zimmer dedicated 65 years to the sport.