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I swung by the Madonia Brothers Bakery to pick up my dad some black pepper and fennel taralli, and on a whim, ordered some amazing-looking amaretti cookies. I walked into the Morrone Pastry Shop to grab an espresso, and picked up a couple sfogliatelle to bring home. But when I looked at the pastry case and saw they had pesche peaches , I had to order one.

Sadly my pesca tasted a bit old, but it was still nice to be reminded of how much I love these pastries. Gotta set aside an afternoon to make them, soon. So, the highlight of the trip was definitely my visit to the Calabria Pork Store. Mother of God, you walk in there and the first thing you notice is the exquisite smell of meat curing. Spicy meat. The ceiling is covered—literally covered—with hanging soppressate; it would be a perfect scene for a vegetarian nightmare, right out of Seven.

I also got a soppressata with fennel, another amazing sausage. These guys kick so much ass with their salumi, it tastes right out of the old country. If there is a salumi cave in heaven and in my own personal heaven, there certainly is , well, then this is the place it was modeled on. Yakitori Totto W. Not for everyone, but my friend and I dug the texture and flavors. The house specialty, true to its name, is yakitori. There were a few dishes that fell short, but it was overall a fun, funky, and packed little spot to catch up with a friend over Sapporos late into the evening.

Which is exactly where they should be. So simple, but so sweet and fresh: total crustacean perfection. Loved the low-key vibe of the place—felt like it was the neighborhood clubhouse, with young and kinda drunk couples sharing a pizza and canned Budweisers, while my friend and I were a bit more bougie with our fizzy bottle of Fattoria Il Gambero Bonarda.

I am so coming back for an early evening dinner or brunch! My friend and I swung by this makeshift outdoor beer garden for a quick drink and a bite before heading over to Sleep No More, which was just a couple blocks away.

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I was fired up to see the Taim falafel truck was parked there green olive falafel? This place will assuredly blow up during the summer. Szechuan Gourmet 21 W. Each dish was spectacular—balanced flavor, and just enough heat that you got a little sweaty but could still taste your food. Total mother lode of flavor here, the price is right, and super-nice staff.

I need to come back with a posse of eight and turn this place out. The Dutch Sullivan St. And move over lousy slice of tomato I had to rescue the sandwich from. On the lighter side, the crab salad in a bloody mary sauce—bright with tarragon from the Green Goddess dressing—was also fantastic. The creamy avocado base brought it all home. Okay, the fries, the fries!

They almost shatter, but still have a slight tender chew to them, with a lovely golden exterior. Uh, okay. Anyway, get them. The tavern-brasserie look is a bit Keith McNally-ish, and made for a fun lunch destination. And more fries. Fresh mozzarella from Sergimmo Salumeria a small little deli that makes fresh mozzarella every two hours —their sandwiches also looked great.

Now you do. Hey, you only live once.

You can view a complete photo album on Flickr here. Millesime 92 Madison Ave. It made for a truly perfect late-night meal since it was merely blocks away from where I was staying in the Flatiron. The stocked raw bar, cherry red banquettes, red and white napkins and plates, sparkly chandeliers, tiled floors, and shining brass railings all give it a snappy brasserie feeling, along with an exuberant staff, and there was an eclectic crowd dining late. Kin Shop 6th Ave. Um, yes. I heart a boozy lunch. What a dish. The spices tasted so fresh, with such tender pieces of goat, along with purple yams, mustard greens, and a topping of fried shallots and toasted coconut.

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Momofuku Ko 1st Ave. I felt like I was playing a really demented culinary video game. Then, if you are so lucky as to score a pm reservation like I did, you have seconds to get your name and credit card info typed in. The countdown mercilessly continued. I tried another card, but it had the same expiration year that seemed to be causing the problem. And then I lost my reservation. Total FAIL. And the Momofuku people had zero answers or recourse for me. But I was determined.

I stalked that bloody website for a cancellation like a crazy person. Total SWF style. And guess who shockingly got a reso? And it did. Hilariously, no images are allowed at the restaurant, so all you get here is a picture I took of a poster in the bathroom. Total David Chang humor, what can I say? You sit at a counter at an exhibition kitchen there are 12 seats , and you are served directly by the chef or in our case, a rather reticent sous. Dessert also rocked, like a donut with parsnip glaze and another with hazelnut crumb, plus parsnip and caramel ice cream.

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Go parsnip. Great textures and balance in almost all the dishes. I dug the quick pace of dinner: 10 courses, 2 hours.

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Boom boom boom. Crowd was mostly couples, including one who could have been straight out of central casting she looked like Maggie Gyllenhaal in a bad wig and glasses.


There was one solo diner—not sure if he had to pay for two, but I imagine so. So, was it worth it? And I was actually pleased to not take pictures or write down notes for a change I know my sister appreciated it as well. It was a blast to be able to walk from place to place and eat our faces off with dough and pork items. Prosperity Dumpling 46 Eldridge St. The dumplings came out piping hot, super juicy, with a rich and savory filling, and the dough was sublime. Cheap as hell. Mei Li Wah 64 Bayard St. Get some extras for later. Hence the backpack.

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Check here for other locations. So, that lamb burger. The noodles are thick and wheaty, with chunks of gluten that are all tangled up in the dish and soak up some of the spicy and oily sauce, with hits of sesame. You almost need a bib, no joke. Slap slap slap. Just like the chile oil in your face! Prune 54 E.

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Prune is as cozy and charming as I remember, but also as packed as always, with people practically sharing your table—if you need to have a big talk about your STDs with your partner, this is not the place to have that talk. We decided to make a meal of the appetizers, often my favorite way to dine. So good.

And with that, we were done; it was a rich repast we also had a hefty brunch that day. Although the grappa torte did pique my interest… Oh yes, and about the brunch here: although this place is famous for theirs and their Bloody Marys , time is always too short for me in New York to be able to suffer that line.

Maybe someday, when I live there…. Taim Waverly Pl.