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It was about two groups of warring aliens battling over the fate of Earth, one wicked and one friendly. It reportedly used various UFO accounts for the design of the robots and the Winged Serpent emblem the black-clad villains wore, and reports of alien abductions and medical exams. In the plot, the main telepathic wicked alien was Captain Rameses Christopher Lee with "voice-over" dialogue only - the leader of the black-clad Legion of the Winged Serpent, living on the planet Alpha in the Orion constellation.

The renegade group faced extinction because their planet's sun was about to supernova. Rameses led an expedition to Earth in UFOs to determine its suitability for life, and abducted humans for experimentation and breeding tests. Rameses' plan, after finding Earth and humans suitable, was to end the human race with a super-weapon - an "exterminating device" signal orbiting around Earth with a genocidal ray that caused people to become homicidal and commit suicide.

Then, Rameses would signal his other spaceships currently hiding behind the Moon to take over. In opposition to Rameses was another more friendly group of bald, big-headed aliens, an intergalactic council known as the Intergalactic League of Races from another star system. The League was already operating in an observational base on Earth, in a deep-ocean golden pyramid beneath the Bermuda Triangle. It was guided by a "galactic treaty" to protect Earth. On a visit to the head of the League, Rameses used diversionary tactics to take over the League's headquarters, and subdue the League's android Robot Durbal Paul Campbell , model Z, appearing like a human in a gray spandex suit with gloves, and wearing a diving helmet with long protruding metal spikes.

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In the ensuing starship conflict of space saucers black forces against white forces , a wounded Durbal in the League's operating base took command, destroyed the extermination device, and caused the defeat of Rameses' fleet of spaceships. The evil leader crashed his own spaceship into the Moon, ending the threat. War of the Planets , It. Monstrous Robot Computer. It was considered a remake of the Planet of the Vampires It was taglined: "Robot Terror From Space!

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In a futuristic world commanded by a super-computer known as Wiz with a video monitor in the Orion Space Center led by Commander Armstrong Romeo Costantini , arrogant and insubordinate space-hero Captain Richard Hamilton John Richardson known for being against computers and machines was sent with a crew into outer space to repair a sensor in an automated satellite. Hamilton's crew on the MK space cruiser, all wearing skin-tight white uniforms with maroon trim and matching head-covering felt caps, included:.

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While in space, Hamilton was also called upon to investigate the origin of a strange radio signal. It was reportedly damaging Earth's video and radio systems. It was suspected that behind the strange radio signals was "an alien intelligence that knows all. Suddenly, they were attacked by two unmanned UFO flying saucers, armed with "long-range disintegrators.

Eventually, they were drawn by a gravitational force toward a mysterious, unexplored nameless planet - a "dark, cold, and inhospitable" place. With a landing module, they descended onto the planet's surface.

New Wave Sci-Fi: 75 Best Novels of 1964–1983

They were confronted by a race of green people with pointed ears, using a maze of subterranean tunnels for transportation. According to Etor Aldo Canti , the leader of the underground city people, their entire humanoid population, an ancient civilization, had been enslaved. A giant monstrous robotic computer had sucked up their psychic energies. Etor described how his civilization had built machines but the great controller robot with a disintegrator ray was now controlling everything and killing off his people:.

My race was great once. The machine served men and my people were happy. Then the huge machine stole the command from me and we became slaves. All this before the great explosion. I am talking about an atomic catastrophe. Its survivors, as you see, have regressed to an animal state. Hamilton's crew destroyed the robot computer - and the planet. When they finally returned to Earth, in the twist ending, the voice of Wiz changed to that of the planet's computer. Necron later known as "Peace". Wizards was advertised as an "epic fantasy of peace and magic" - a post-apocalyptic tale in which the Earth had been repopulated by races of ancient legend.

There emerged conflict between two mighty twin wizards, born to the Queen of Fairies in the idyllic land of Montagar.

They were both polar opposites:. Necron voice of David Proval was a robot with a gun sent by Blackwolf through the countryside to assassinate Montagar's president.

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Necron appeared as a red-draped figure, with only a slit revealing two yellow eyes against blackness. Once defeated or zapped with magic by Avatar, Necron was reprogrammed to lose his desire for war. Avatar changed the robot's name to match his more heroic self, Peace. Message From Space , Jp.

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In the lengthy and often indecipherable plot surrounded by awful special effects , the inhabitants of the planet Jilucia two million light years away in the Andromeda galaxy had been besieged and captured by the evil, imperialistic, silver-painted faced Gavanas ruler Rocksaia XII Mikio Narita. His steel-skinned army hordes were outfitted with samurai swords, horned helmets, red capes, and white painted faces.

They traveled through space in a space clipper-ship with sails to find support and help defend and liberate the planet. A motley group of eight legendary brave adventurers responded to combat the evil ruler, as foretold in ancient prophecy. They included:. However, their activities drew Rocksaia's attention to Earth where he issued orders for humanity to surrender or else he would destroy the planet.

When Rockseia took his entire planet into Earth's solar system in order to conquer mankind's home world, the group agreed to venture out and defeat him. It was a formidable conflict against Gavanian's flagship, vast armies, witchcraft and treachery. Note: There was also a Star Wars copy-cat scene in a cantina - a swanky space dance club where General Garuda was getting drunk, and the robotic waitresses had pink robo-boobs.

It was typical of the many copy-cat efforts, with cheap special effects, inane dialogue, a weak script and derivative plotline, and B-movie actors. The Emperor was at odds with villainous Count Zarth Arn Joe Spinell who had created a secret weapon to take over the galaxy. Stella Star and Akton rapidly searched for the location of the Count's weapon before he could use it. In one stop-motion animated scene, in homage to Ray Harryhausen, Stella was attacked by Queen Corelia's giant female steel-skinned robot, outfitted with nipples and a menacing giant knife, before she was saved by Akton and Thor in an attacking spaceship.

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And later in Count Arn's underground laboratory, the villain captured Simon, Akton and Stella, and had them detained there by two, stop-motion robotic golems with long swords. Eventually, Akton defeated them with his light saber laser sword, but was mortally wounded. All rights reserved. Filmsite: written by Tim Dirks. Search for:. Facebook Twitter. This film was remade in Logan's Run Box This sci-fi fantasy from director Michael Anderson was one of the best science-fiction films of all-time.

He welcomed the fugitives or escaped 'runners' , and spoke with an indecipherable accent: "Welcome Humans! I am ready for you. Demon Seed Proteus IV, and various computer-controlled robotic devices This far-fetched, speculative science-fiction thriller was based on Dean Koontz' novel of the same name. See-Threepio, or C-3PO Anthony Daniels - a gold-coated, armored with seams , walking robotic droid with a logic computer inside its head.

Sleeping Giants (Themis Files, #1) by Sylvain Neuvel

C-3PO was created by young Anakin Skywalker from discarded scrap metal. The talkative, sociable, fussy, rigid-thinking and chatty robot often appeared worried, and was very fretful and anxiety-prone recognizable human foibles , although it maintained a cheery attitude. C-3PO was fluent in six million binary languages essential for code-breaking, and had many of the human senses visual through photo receptor eyes, auditory, and olfactory through a button below its chin as well as an antenna for reception of messages from other droids.

Artoo-Detoo, or R2-D2 Kenny Baker - the lovable, expressive, 1-meter barrel-shaped, 3-legged utility robot Astromech droid with motorized roller-skate wheels for all-terrain locomotion. The blue, stocky droid spoke through a speaker in its chest only with electronic squeals, chirps, whistles or bleeps although R2-D2 understood English. He was capable of short-circuiting with blue flashes of lightning. Its head unit contained a large photo receptor eye and a concealed holographic projector. R2-D2 always appeared calm even when danger was present.

Sensory instruments included a scanner to sense danger. Weapons included arc welder and buzz saw. Also served as a computer interface instrument, as a computer hacker, as an exceptional repair mechanic for any malfunction, and as a message carrier. Archived from the original on January 23, Retrieved January 24, Archived from the original on December 31, Retrieved December 28, Retrieved August 3, Archived from the original on January 12, Archived from the original on September 29, Retrieved August 2, Archived from the original on October 3, Retrieved September 21, Retrieved May 6, Alternative Press.

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