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Movement Research Series 12222-20

What exactly does this mean and do I practice what I preach? I would like to start off by saying that everything I post about has some relation to my own life. Whatever is present in my life at that moment gets condensed into an Instagram post and presented as an offering to hopefully give insight to others experiencing something similar.

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I was a party animal in my teens and early adulthood. Something dark was bubbling up to the surface and I knew I needed help figuring this out.

I had been so sure that confronting that pain would result in me completely falling apart and never putting the pieces back together. Instead, I cried heaving sobs for about 15 minutes and that was that.

Moving Through the Darkness with Light Energy

From the moment we emerge from the darkness of the womb, we continue to be transformed spiritually, emotionally, and physically as we move through darkness and into light. There is a calming quality to the warm spectrum, soft and golden, that these light sculptures invoke, creating an environment that pulls you in and wants to hold you there.

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Rebekah Graves grew up on a farm in southern Virginia and remembers being drawn to mud puddles and the soft, dappled light in the woods that surrounded her home. She went on to study environmental science and architecture at the University of Virginia, and continues to be influenced by nature, math, meditative rhythm, and a wabi-sabi approach to design. She developed an original process that involves sculpting in porcelain, firing the vessel, and then casting the form with Japanese or Nepalese handmade papers.

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The result is a light that is soft and muted, pure and organic in its shapes. Her light sculptures transform a space into an illuminated atmosphere, emitting a tranquil ambiance that resonates intimately the natural beauty that surrounds. Building a Bower: a dwelling, the inner room.

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In this place of desperate stillness, I turned to the simplicity and directness of TD and began to listen and then to trust. Bear, bat, owl, grouse and turtle appeared through the images to guide and support me with their medicine, prompting me to remember the wisdom deep within and to surrender fully to the Creative Energy. The process of TD has enabled me not only to heal deeply on an energetic level but also to let go forever the voices in my head that have blocked my creative passion all my life!

As I continue to work with it and share it with others, I become more and more aware that the most profound potential of this process is teaching us how to listen to our deepest selves and know our divine connection to each other and Mother Earth.