Manual The Plain Language of Love and Loss: A Quaker Memoir

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Gabrielle Bonneville. Gaby's an acro yoga and circus performer that actually grew up in the Montreal Circus. She's the real deal! She talks about the power and importance of movement, creativity, community, and collaboration on our journey into self actualization. This was a really beautiful and captivating discussion.

by Beth Taylor

Every year I take the months of November and December to deconstruct my identity and my brands and refine and improve them. I always use this time to sort of reinvent myself and get clear about what I want to experience in the next year.

In this episode, I explain the reason for the relaunch and what to expect from the new show. Jared Angaza Free From Comparison. If something is out of place, or bringing me down, I want to try and transform it or eliminate it. I want to be deliberate and intentional.

The act of comparing things seems to be a sure way to devalue and degrade something. Mark Metry Responsible Technology for Humanity. Danny Bauer The Magic of Education. With the lessons learned while scaling and serving school leaders from seven different countries around the world, Danny now also helps small business owners experience freedom from the chaos of operating a small business through a proven four step system.

Lindsley Brooks Dancing with Divine Energies.

Some famous women translators of the past

Lindsley Brooks is a feng shui practitioner who specializes in residential and fashion feng shui. She works with people looking to bring beauty, consciousness, and harmony to their living space, personal style, and lives. Lindsley is passionate about sacred living: being intentional about everything you do — from what you wear, to what you bring into your home, to what you put in your psyche. Mary Shores Conscious Communications. Mary is recognized as a leader of innovative thought and she has spent over a decade teaching businesses and individuals how to identify their goals, create new ways of thinking, and take action to create meaningful results.

Craving Accountability. Why do we go to therapy? Or a workshop? Or a coach? Or a training? Or a retreat? A core dynamic of these events is accountability. We actually pay for it and sign up for it. If I view accountability as nothing more than judgment from others, or unwanted responsibility that makes me uncomfortable, or any other negative perspective, I am rejecting a potentially profound gift or transcendence, and connection, and expansion.

Having witnessed human suffering early in her career, and within her own family, she longed for a way to address more than just the physical needs of her patients and to live in a lighter, more conscious way.

Romantic inwardness

Swimming with Elephants tells the eccentric, poignant, and hilarious experience of a working mother and wife undergoing a bewildering vocational shift. Dov Baron is a master storyteller. Rachel Lang is a professionally certified astrologer, healer, and Advanced Psychic Medium. Her Thesis focuses on gender, religion, and justice, and includes research she conducted on the witch trials of the Early Modern Period in Germany. Jaimal Yogis is a writer, teacher, searcher, lover, spiritualist, movie maker, fear scientist, student of life, and a spectacular surfer.

Jaimal is also the author of Saltwater Buddha, and The Fear Project, which is a journalistic and scientific book featured in Oprah, Outside, and Forbes about how we can live more courageously and fully through mindfulness, sports, and relationships. An organization that collects life lessons from people of all ages and backgrounds around the world and designs them into interactive activities and workshops. Deepak, is a United Nations speaker, two times TEDx speaker, an educator, a writer, actor, lyricist and a gold medalist in Mass Media studies from the University of Mumbai.

After following the conventional path for most of his life, he suddenly realized that if he wanted to make a bigger impact, it was up to him to make it happen. He started asking questions about what he wanted in his life and decided to pursue the things that truly interested him. Orthodoxy and Paying it Forward with Naphtali Hoff. Naphtali Hoff is a PsyD, executive coach, organizational consultant, and sought-after trainer and lecturer. He's gained a beautiful perspective. Life as a Song.

Voltaire’s English Years: (1726?1728)

Along the way, the thought that has risen to the top is that I want to live my life as a song; a prayerful song composed of unyielding faith, patience, love a. Akshay Nanavati Dancing with Fearvana. Akshay Nanavanti is an explorer of what it is to be human, to be fully alive.

The Language of Love: Communicating effectively

This discussion challenged me to reanalyze how I perceive the concepts of fear and love. He actually views them as being complimentary. And that oxytocin allows you to rise above the fear, to be love. Akshay believes that fear and love must come together for us to come fully alive. Doug also has a Psychology and Counseling degree and is a Sun Dancer. I would call her an ambassador. A messenger with a profound understanding of our universe and how we can thrive within it.

I hope you get as much enjoyment out of this discussion as I did.

click here Prior to entering the healing arts, Tisha practiced law and obtained a Fine Arts degree in Interior Design. She is a certified feng shui consultant, life coach, energy healer, and yoga instructor. For more information, visit Tisha at www. It was originally used for locating proper burial or auspicious sites for royalty. Acupuncture is actually feng shui for the body. In turn, Feng Shui is actually Acupuncture for the home.

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It starts with the history and energy of the land, which will affect us as we experience that space. However, it still has an influence on your energy, so be intentional about it. It aligns us with an element of the source of life itself. Those spaces influence our energy and perspectives. We should be just as mindful. There are only a few things in this world that we have control over; our mind, our body, and our home. I recognize how blessed we are to have such a close relationship. I know how rare and beautiful that is.

My father has greatly influenced my life in so many ways. And he continues to every day. The tagline for Inipi Radio is "Let your life speak", which comes from the Quaker philosophy. And it was my father that taught that to me, and lived by example. Rather than completing his thesis for the Ph. Even though my brother and father and I all raced at the expert level in BMX for my whole childhood , we were not raised in a competitive environment. We were taught to appreciate the journey and have fun and not to think about winning or losing.