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The field of battle between God and Satan is the human soul. This is where it takes place every moment of our lives. The soul must give free access to our Lord and be completely fortified by Him with every kind of weapon. His light must illuminate it to fight the darkness of error. He must put on Jesus Christ, His truth and justice, the shield of faith, the word of God to overcome such powerful enemies.

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To put on Jesus Christ we must die to ourselves. Do not wish greatly to be freed from tests; a soldier needs to have achieved a great deal in war before he desires its end. We shall never gain perfect sweetness or charity unless we exercise it amidst repugnance, aversion and disgust. Let us now consider what the soul must do to be certain of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

It is all a question of mortification of the flesh with its vices and concupiscence. Then let us take care to mortify our spirit, which, when it is satisfied, makes us impetuous and weary. Let us take care to repress vainglory, wrath and envy. These are three evil spirits that enslave the majority of mankind.

These three evil spirits are extremely opposed to the Spirit of the Lord. Do not let the persecution of worldlings and of all those who live without the Spirit of Jesus Christ deter you from following the road trodden by the saints. Continue to love Jesus and make an effort to love Him more and more, without desiring to know anything else. Let us look at ourselves in Jesus, my dear, as our mirror, in Jesus who led a hidden life. All His infinite majesty was hidden in the shadows and silence of that modest little workshop in Nazareth. So let us, too, make every effort to lead a completely interior life, hidden in God.

We have a double life; one is natural, that which we have from Adam through human generation and therefore an earthly life — corruptible, self-centered and full of passions. The other which we have from Jesus in baptism is supernatural and therefore a spiritual life — heavenly and with a capacity for virtue.

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Through baptism, a real transformation is made in us. We are brought to die to sin; we are grafted onto Jesus Christ in such a manner that we live His very same life.

When you are exposed to any trial, be it physical or moral, bodily or spiritual, the best remedy is the thought of Him who is our life, and not to think of the one without joining to it the thought of the other. Jesus continues to love me and to draw me closer to Himself. He has forgotten my sins, and I would say that He remembers only His own mercy…Each morning He comes into my heart and pours out all the effusions of His goodness. The Spirit of God is a spirit of peace. Even in the most serious faults He makes us feel a sorrow that is tranquil, humble, and confident.

This is precisely because of His mercy. The spirit of the devil, instead, excites, exasperates, and makes us feel, in that very sorrow, anger against ourselves. We should, on the contrary, be charitable with ourselves first and foremost. Therefore if any thought agitates you, this agitation never comes from God, who gives you peace, being the Spirit of Peace, but from the devil. Endure tribulations, illness, and pain, for the love of God and for the conversion of poor sinners.

He is never so close to you as he is during your spiritual battles.

God Sends Angels After We Go Through!

I urge you to unite with me and draw near to Jesus with me, to receive his embrace and a kiss that sanctifies and saves us. Let us not cease then to kiss this divine Son in this way, for if these are the kisses we give him now, he himself will come to take us in his arms and give us the kiss of peace in the last sacraments at the hour of death. May the Mother of Jesus, and our Mother, obtain for us from her Son the grace to live a life according to the heart of God, a life that is entirely interior and hidden in Him. Humility and charity are the main supports of the whole vast building and all the other virtues depend on them.

One makes up the foundation; the other, the roof of the building, the sturdiness of which depends on both. If the heart constantly dedicates itself to the practice of these two virtues, it will have no difficulty with all the others. Endeavor to walk in the presence of God, in the ways I taught you and which you know. Guard yourselves against anxiety and worries, because there is nothing worse in the way of perfection than agitations, worries and anxieties of soul.

Why the Wilderness?

I send you this fervent aspiration from my heart. The heavenly beings continue to visit me and to give me a foretaste of the rapture of the blessed. Keep always before your eyes as archetype and example, the modesty of our Divine Master, who according to the expression of the apostle to the Corinthians, considers the modesty of Jesus Christ equal to His meekness, which was His proper and almost characteristic virtue.

Our body is like a donkey that we must take a stick to, so as to subdue it, but not so much that it throws us to the ground and refuses to carry us. Many times a day I present your heart to the Eternal Father. I feel powerfully the need for a true, sincere and intimate conversion to God, and I do not know where and how to start. This is what I assiduously ask of Jesus: my conversion. When it pleases Him to place us on the Cross by confining us to a bed of sickness, let us thank Him and consider ourselves lucky to be honored in this way.

Our Lord loves you and loves you tenderly; and if He does not let you feel the sweetness of His love, it is to make you more humble and abject in your own eyes.

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I am alone in bearing the weight of everyone. And the thought of not being able to give some spiritual relief to those that Jesus sends to me, the thought of seeing so many souls who want to justify their sins and thus spite their highest good — afflicts me, tortures me, makes me a martyr. It wears me out, wracks my brain, and breaks my heart. Let us humble ourselves and confess that if God were not our armor and shield, we would be pierced by all kinds of sins. That is why we must live in God by persevering in our practices, and learn to serve Him at our own expense.

Holy Father, give us today our daily bread. Give us Jesus always during our brief stay in this land of exile. Give Him to us and grant that we may be increasingly worthy to welcome Him into our hearts. I suffer greatly, Father, when I see how people ignore Jesus, and what is worse, how they insult Him, especially by those dreadful blasphemies.

We must rise up and value every instant of time that passes and is in our power. We must not waste a single moment. By divine grace we find ourselves at the beginning of a new year. This year, which only God knows if we shall see its end, must be used in reparation for the past and in preparation for the future. Oh my daughter, how beautiful is His face, how sweet His eyes and what a good thing it is to stay close to Him on the mount of His glory.

We must place all our desires and affections there.

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Place all your trust in the heart of sweet Jesus……Never abandon your faith and renew it always. Faith has never abandoned any man, and far less so will it forsake a soul that yearns to love God.

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Consider that we are always in the presence of God to whom we have to give account for our every action, both good and bad. Jesus says to us in the Gospel that the promised reward will not be for he that shall begin well, nor for he that shall continue for a certain time, but for he that shall persevere unto the end; therefore those who have begun must try to persevere.

Those who have continued must try to reach the end, and those who have unfortunately not begun, must set themselves on the right road. Let us make the effort to persevere. I know that it is a difficult task, but the example of the saints, the help of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the grace of God which is always waiting for those who call for it, will not fail us.

I follow you with my prayers, with my suffering and with my tears.

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Let us try to serve the Lord with all our heart and will. He will always give us more than we deserve. I am ready for anything as long as Jesus is happy and will save the souls of my brethren, especially those He has entrusted to my care. Let us pray to our most merciful Jesus to come to the aid of His Church, for her needs have become extreme. May the Most Holy Virgin, who was the first to practice the gospel perfectly and in all its severity, even before it was proclaimed, spur us on to follow closely in her footsteps.

We shall invariably advance cautiously, but with holy freedom.

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We shall feel that the Lord who has chained us to Him by love, is leading us to beware of sin as of a poisonous viper. And while we take the greatest care never to commit a deliberate sin, we have a greater fear of mortal sin than of fire. Be of good cheer; abandon yourselves to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and let Him take care of everything.

The years have gone by, one after the other, without our reflecting on how we have spent them, and whether there was anything in our conduct to improve, add or remove. We have lived thoughtlessly and unmindful that one day the eternal Judge shall call each of us and ask us to give an account of our deeds and how we made use of our time. And yet we shall have to give a most strict account of every minute, every grace, every holy inspiration and every occasion offered to us to do good.

Living these brief passing moments should matter little to the children of God, so long as they will live eternally with God in glory. My daughter, consider that you are already on the way to eternity. You have already placed one foot there. Provided that it is a happy one for you, what does it matter if these passing moments are unhappy? What God wants from you is always right and good. May He be blessed forever. Let us strive to bless the Lord when we are the object of humiliations and contempt.