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On their journey they meet many farmers VCs, angels, advisors, mentors, customers and ask them for directions. Some of them turn out to be correct and lead to the next leg of the journey.

The point I want to raise with this traveler and farmer story is that no matter what your startup is doing you should always ask yourself if you CAN get there from here. With so many startups failing it is a valid question to ask.

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'You Can't Get There From Here': The Challenges Of Navigating Vermont By App | Vermont Public Radio

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Write the first response. Now that's a disruptive technology!

Don't you think that the internet is a disruptive technology? It's a very powerful technology, more powerful than the PC. But where is the disruption? All the tech companies that made it through the PC revolution are pretty much still there.

You Can't Get There from Here, First Edition

The disruption is in the media sector--the internet is a publishing technology. Now, with blogging, we've connected up the other end of the internet. Now, you can publish to any device with a web browser.

Now, any device with a web browser can publish back. This is why this really is a new internet and this is why there will be lots of disruption of media companies. Oh, and by the way: every company today is a media company to some degree. Because every company publishes and tells stories, to itself, to its customers, to its community, to its new hires. An organization is not much more than its stories--that's the content.

“You Can’t Get There From Here” Opens At Duncanville Community Theatre

And you can think of business processes as stories too. And those stories had better be good, truthful stories, and they had better be compelling stories. That's the new media--that's the new communications. If you've understood this post, and I've helped you see the internet in a new way, then you are now six to nine months months ahead of the game--and you owe me at least a dinner Silicon Valley Watcher — reporting from the disruptive intersection of technology and media.